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The difference is clear. Here at Clarity speech therapy our mission is to:

  1. Simplify the therapeutic process! We believe in open communication and clearly defined goals from start to finish. We then empower clients through education.
  2. Help you reach your maximum potential! To accomplish this we complete in-depth assessment to determine if there are other factors influencing your concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take insurance? Clarity Speech Therapy accepts credit card payments through out secure web portal due at the time of service. A Superbill receipt is provided to assist clients who seek insurance reimbursement. Clients are encouraged to contact their insurance providers prior to the onset of services. 
  • Do you offer language assessment/therapy? Maybe. This is a speciality practice that focuses on speech, feeding and swallowing; however, language goals may also be incorporated into therapy as needed. If language is your primary area of concern there are wonderful local providers for language therapy in this area. If you would like a referral we would be happy to direct you to a preferred provider.
  • How much does therapy cost? The cost is variable depending on the duration of your session. Treatment sessions range from $160 to 210. 
  • Do you offer Skype sessions? “Skype” sessions are not offered as it is not a secure platform; however, sessions are offered through a secure Telehealth system that is designed for medical providers.  Telehealth sessions are not appropriate for all clients. Your provider will determine if telehealth is appropriate for your needs. Telehealth is not available for self-booking, your provider will schedule you directly. 
  • Where are your intake forms? All intake forms will be available to you through a secure portal once you book an assessment session. 
  • If you did not find the answer you were looking for email Christina! Let me know how we can support you!
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